Urfi Javed Vs Hindustani Bhau: Urfi Hits Back on Hindustani Bhau After He Threatened To Change Her Ways!

| 17-11-2022 12:06 PM 66
Urfi Javed Hits Back On Hindustani Bhau!

Urfi Javed slams Hindustani Bhau aka Vikas Pathak after he criticized her dressing sense. 

Urfi Javed on Hindustani Bhau: Bigg Boss 13 contestant Hindustani Bhau aka Vikas Pathak called out Urfi Javed’s dressing sense a few days ago. In the Youtube short, Hindustani Bhau asked Urfi to change her fashion choices as it doesn’t represent “Hindustan”. He also threatened that if she didn’t heed his warning, Bhau would make her change himself. 

Watch the video of Hindustani Bhau threatening Urfi Javed.

After he made his threat public, Urfi slammed back against Hindustani Bhau. She stated that no one can change her, “I just want to say I’m not ready to change myself. It’s a problem to be a girl, esp. to be yourself. The definition of decency differs from person to person. Some don’t like jeans-top. Others don’t like skirts. We’re not here to please everyone”.


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