Bigg Boss 16: Tina Datta’s Mother Gives a Fitting Reply To Sumbul Touqeer Khan’s Father Demeaning Comments!

| 23-11-2022 1:33 PM 27
Bigg Boss 16
Tina Datta's Mother Reply to Sumbul Touqeer's Father!

The Bigg Boss 16 triangle between Tina-Shalin-Sumbul takes an ugly turn as parents get involved.

Bigg Boss 16 Latest Update: Bigg Boss 16 is shaping up to be another controversial season. After controversial contestants, like Sajid Khan, and evictions, the love triangle between Tina-Shalin-Sumbul is catching a lot of heat. In the last Weekend Ka Vaar episode, host and Bollywood star Salman Khan reprimanded Sumbul for being obsessed with Shalin.

In the upcoming episode, Sumbul gets a chance to talk to his father via Bigg Boss 16 task. While encouraging his daughter, Sumbul’s father started demeaning Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot. He said to put both Tina and Shalin in the places and used the words like ‘aukaat’ which people had trouble digesting.

Retaliating the comment, Tina Datta’s mother posted an Instagram video in which she called out the behavior of Sumbul’s father. Tina Datta’s mother said, “If your girl is going wrong, it doesn’t mean you will put another girl down. This is not how parents act”.

Watch the video of Tina Datta’s mother calling out Sumbul Touqeer’s Father.

This is not it. Shalin Bhanot’s father also commented on the issue and called Sumbul’s father “Is this the way people speak on national television? Making unjustified offensive comments on national television, against other participants is very very cheap! And it's more shocking that these comments and abuses were not edited out and rather shown. Sumbul is an adult, either you shouldn't have sent her on the show and if you have then no outside guidance should be allowed as per the format. This is unacceptable!”

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